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Trust. Track record. Integrity. Innovation. Unsurpassed reliability. Global capability.

These are among the many reasons businesses like you choose Praxair as their Specialty Gases supplier. More than just an established leader in the manufacture and distribution of atmospheric, process, and specialty gases and Equipment – Praxair helps ensure customers maximize their economic performance while minimizing their environmental impact. That has been our focus and track record for over 100 years.

In fact, more than 20% of Praxair’s revenue is generated by applications technologies that help customers reduce operating costs, increase process efficiencies and improve their environmental performance. It’s how Praxair, Inc. has become a Fortune 250 company, the largest industrial gas company in North and South America, and one of the largest worldwide. This catalog provides information about Praxair’s Specialty Gases, equipment, and capabilities – including descriptions of how our pure and mixture gases have helped customers work more productively and sustainably.


ProSpec™ by Praxair is not simply a line of the highest quality specialty gases; it is a way of supporting your business and ensuring your success. Backed by the global infrastructure of Praxair, and the industry-leading experience and technical expertise of our teams, ProSpec by Praxair is all about meeting the most demanding requirements of customers like you.


With ProSpec by Praxair you can expect the highest quality pure specialty gases and specialty gas mixtures produced to the most ambitious environmental standards – complemented by an extensive line of gas handling and delivery equipment as well as a broad range of services. The result: a complete product supply solution for your business application.


ProSpec by Praxair leverages the latest technologies to develop new products and offerings. We then design those products based on your specific technical and regulatory requirements. This helps greatly enhance your opportunities to increase productivity while decreasing environmental impact.


This is about breadth and depth. Our wide-ranging global locations offer responsive customer service coverage while our deep product offerings and distribution capability ensure fast, cost-effective delivery. We provide product via common carriers, express carriers and our own exclusive delivery systems. In short, we do whatever it takes.


Our regional centers – staffed with highly trained product chemists, technical service personnel and field sales representatives – provide answers to your questions and can assist you in resolving any regulatory, technical, and safety issues. We not only stand behind our products, we stand behind you.


Everything we offer with ProSpec by Praxair is offered everywhere we are. For us, that means in 40 countries. For you it means world-class products, services and peace of mind.