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Praxair Bulk Gas Delivery System

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Valve Manifold Box

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Praxair’s Commitment to Safety

Praxair has an unwavering commitment to put safety first. As a cornerstone of our corporate culture, Praxair closely monitors the safety performance of our worldwide electronics plants and distribution infrastructure to maintain the highest safety and compliance standards in every process. We have established programs that range from executive compensation linked to safety performance to audit and shared learning procedures to ensure that all incidents are communicated, analyzed and precluded from reoccurring.

Quality System

Quality in the products and services supplied by Praxair is uncompromising. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products, technology and services available. Praxair’s quality program has helped Praxair meet its customers’ process needs and is used to direct each employee toward meeting customer expectations. The quality assurance program includes the application of Statistical Quality Control (SQC) which guides Praxair’s chemists and technicians through strict procedures for monitoring and controlling product variation and purity and helps ensure consistent, in-spec product manufacturing.

Serving the Electronics Sector

With advanced production on three continents including Asia, Europe and North America, Praxair’s full line of Semiconductor Process Gases provide the consistent purity that is essential to microelectronics and related high technology manufacturing. Praxair supplies Semiconductor Process Gases that are used throughout all sectors of the industry:

  • IC
  • LED
  • LCD
  • Photovoltaics
  • Photonics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Printed circuit board and assembly; and related technologies


Praxair is dedicated to helping semiconductor manufacturers lower costs, improve productivity, enhance technology and reduce environmental impact by serving as a single, integrated source for a variety of process gases, materials, and related equipment and services.

Praxair Kingman, AZ

Praxair manufactures, purifies and blends gases for the electronics industry at its production center in Kingman, Arizona. This highly advanced facility has enhanced Praxair’s reputation as a leading producer of consistently dependable, ultra-high purity (UHP) gases for all categories of electronic device fabrication. The Kingman facility enables Praxair reliably delivered of quality and consistency for all our Electronics Gases.

Kingman is uniquely designed to meet the critical quality requirements of the semiconductor industry. These requirements demand not only consistently producing UHP gases but also maintaining purity throughout the cylinder filling operation.

Praxair Technology Center

Praxair’s Technology Center located at Tonawanda, New York is dedicated to research on applications, analytical specifications and systems’ design. Satellite Technology Centers are located in major countries around the world.

The Praxair Technology Center personnel in Tonawanda, New York, endeavor to continually enhance equipment performance, analytical methods, contamination reduction programs and new procedures to increase our gas purity and consistency. These dedicated scientists offer cutting edge insights adding to Praxair’s commitment to meet the ever-tightening demands of the semiconductor industry.