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Metal Fabrication Solutions

At Praxair, we are a trusted provider of industrial gases, applications, products and services that support welding, cutting and other processes. Our ProStar™ product line includes welding supplies, cutting machines and automation from a large variety of manufacturers, and our strategically distributed plants and hubs allow us to efficiently supply our customers with our full range of industrial and process gases. But our service goes beyond providing high-quality products. We are an overall solutions provider and through our exclusive StarSolver™ Productivity Enhancement Program, we work with you to reduce manufacturing costs, increase productivity and improve quality. We also have five R&D centers dedicated to developing new technologies that help you do just that.


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CNC Cutting Systems

Big or small, Praxair has the CNC cutting system for your shop. We have engineered our line of industry-leading CNC plasma and oxy-fuel cutting system to significantly increase your production capabilities and to reduce your costs of operation in a variety of cutting applications. No matter the size of your shop or the size of your needs, with a full range of CNC cutting systems, gases and consumables, Praxair has the right system for you. ProStarCNC Cutting Machines specialize in plate cutting, pipe cutting, circular cutting, 3D/beam cutting, dome cutting, drilling and contour beveling. Features of the Praxair CNC cutting systems include:

  • A wide range of systems with plate cutting capabilities from 4 ft. x 4ft. to 20ft. x 100ft. and more
  • Hypertherm® and Thermal Dynamics® / ESAB plasma cutters
  • Models available for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting
  • Plasma gases and fuel gases for oxy-fuel
  • Retrofit service
  • Genuine OEM consumables

Fiber Laser Support

Fiber laser light waves are 10 times smaller than traditional CO2 lasers. Dust and particulate can greatly affect the cutting performance and window life of your fiber laser, so to help laser operators solve this problem Praxair developed proprietary laser assist gas filter panels. Particulates, common dust, metallic dust or flakes are generally smaller than 40 microns or invisible to the unaided human eye. Praxair’s LaserStar™ Filter Panels are designed to trap sub-micron particles, while minimizing pressure drop and maintaining the gas flows needed for precision laser cutting. Praxair also provides various bulk tank sizes for both nitrogen and oxygen to fit your application needs and regulator kits and to help ensure a consistent and steady assist gas flow for clean, high-speed cuts.

CO2 Laser Support

Praxair has the products you need to help you keep your CO2 laser running at peak performance for longer periods of time between maintenance cycles.

Metal Forming and Material Handling Equipment

Praxair provides a wide range of metal forming machinery including Tube and Angle Benders, Press Brakes, shears, iron workers, portable beveling machines and plate rollers. We also carry an extensive line of material handling equipment including Pipe Stands and Rollers, pipe and Vessel Turning Rolls, Positioners and manipulators.

Weld Automation Equipment & Robotics

Praxair knows welding automation. Want to increase output, improve product quality and lower costs? We can help you eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks and optimize labor efficiency. Praxair provides robotic and custom automated TIG and MIG solutions to help you expand and update your fabrication capabilities.

With a broad range of automation and welding process options, ProStar Robotic Cells are the ideal choice for production of repetitive parts of nearly any shape or size. Praxair’s extensive line of welding cells supports a variety of OEM options where customers can choose from among the major brands of six-axis robotic arms, controllers, positioners and consumables. ProStar cells come standard in a number of configurations for weldment size and shape, loading, alternating work stations, modular tables, ferris-wheel operation, multi-axis positioners and more!

Praxair distributes welding machines and welding equipment from all major manufacturers including Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric and ESAB. These heavy-duty welders and supporting equipment are designed to handle your toughest production challenges. We supply filler metals, Welding Supplies and Safety Supplies to help you keep processes running and protect your workers.

Environmental Control

For a welding facility owner, devoting attention and resources to identifying and reducing welding fume exposure can be time-consuming and costly. Praxair’s new ProStar Portable Pro and Portable Pro Light Fume Collectors provide an affordable, easily deployed solution that can help you protect your shop environment. The ProStar Tip Collector Fume Extractor (TEC) series helps reduce fume by up to 95% by capturing fume at the source: the end of the MIG torch. The TEC collectors are configurable for one to six torches.

StarSolver® Productivity Enhancement Program

We are an overall solutions provider, and through our exclusive StarSolver® Productivity Enhancement Program, we work with you to reduce manufacturing costs, increase productivity and improve quality. We also have five R&D centers dedicated to developing new technologies that help you do just that.