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Bulk and Microbulk

Praxair’s microbulk medical gas delivery system is an ideal and efficient solution for growing your healthcare enterprise.

You require significant amounts of Medipure™ oxygen and nitrogen and managing on-site cylinders can be inefficient and difficult. Safety and site access preclude gas deliveries with a bulk tanker truck. Praxair’s microbulk system with specialized trucks, tanks and service may be the right answer.

  • Microbulk TanksEliminate the need for cylinders handled and moved by personnel, improving safety
  • Pumper TrucksRight-sized for deliveries without the use of trailers, perfect for space-constrained locations
  • Turnkey InstallationsFully NFPA compliant
  • Telemetry System - Constantly monitors tank levels and creates automatic, just-in-time orders


With real estate and space at a premium, it’s not always possible to accommodate bulk tanker/trailer delivery of bulk medical gases. Praxair offers the Microbulk Medical Gases System to solve delivery problems, reduce the labor costs that results from having to move cylinders and provide you with benefits that include:
Praxair Bulk and Microbulk

Supply Security

  • Permanently installed tanks
  • Containers right-sized for consumption patterns
  • Supply management via Praxair Telemetry

Improved Safety

  • Eliminates/reduces need for cylinder handling
  • Low-pressure tanks, not high-pressure cylinders
  • All code requirements met, including NFPA 99

Increased productivity

  • No manifold cylinder change-outs mean reduced manpower
  • No residual product returned
  • More effective accounting and ordering
  • Eliminate/reduce cylinder tracking and Loss-of-Use
  • Lower maintenance costs


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