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Miller Electric Mfg Co
Multimatic 235 Multiprocess We lder - 240V


Miller Electric Mfg Co
Multimatic 235 Multiprocess We lder, EZ-Latch Running Gear


Miller Electric Mfg Co
Multimatic 235 Multiprocess We lder, EZ-Latch Dual Cylinder


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New Remote Solutions from Miller Electric

Bobcat with Remote Start/Stop

Remote start/stop: Take control and eliminate noise. Easily turn your Bobcat machine on and off remotely so it only runs when you need it. Get more out of each tank, extend time between maintenance and work without the hassle of walking back to your machine. 

The remote start/stop on Bobcat 260 welder/generators is installed and backed by Miller — so it’s just as easy to use and dependable as your Bobcat machine. 

  • Simple: One button to start and stop the Bobcat.
  • Durable: Tough and water-resistant with a three-year warranty.
  • Two-Way Communication: After start or stop command is received by the Bobcat, the fob lights up and beeps.


  • Savings on fuel and maintenance - fewer engine hours.
  • Less Noise – reduce running machines on jobsite
  • Hands-free starting - eChoke™ technology makes cold-starting is now hands free.

Trailblazer 325 and Big Blue Optional Wireless Control

Wireless Interface Control: Get full control of your machine in the palm of your hand, from wherever you are on the jobsite, so you can work hassle free. With wireless interface control, you can change welding processes, adjust parameters, select and save preset programs, turn the machine on/off, view service reminders, and more! Extend time between fill ups and maintenance intervals while eliminating the need to go back to your machine to make adjustments.


  • Full front panel access from wherever you are on the jobsite
  • Fuel Savings - instantly turn your machine off when needed, saving fuel and money
  • Reduced Maintenance - reduce unnecessary engine hours
  • Less Noise - shut off the machine when it’s not in use and be more aware of your surroundings
  • Jobsite Safety – reduce walking and climbing at jobsite

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