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ABIROB® Air Cooled and Water Cooled Robotic MIG Guns

The modular design of the rugged, yet flexible, ABIROB torches allows users to quickly replace the swanneck or cable assembly while maintaining tool center point (TCP), assuring accurate repeatability and continuous precision welding. The key torch mounting-arm duplicates TCP with complete torch change. Available in 360- and 500-amp models, ABIROB torches are well made with aluminum armored swannecks for crash protection, internal air blast, internal control wire, emergency stop connector and heavy-duty cable support springs at front and rear for prolonged cable life. Direct mounts allow ABIROB torches to connect to most major wire feeder models.

ABIROB® Air-cooled Robotic MIG Guns

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The ABIROB® A product line – groundbreaking in its design, trendsetting in its standardization – guarantees consistent precision and an economic welding process thanks to its robust construction and simple handling.

Thanks to the innovative interlock system, the torch system allows a simple and fast change of cable assembly while the Tool Center Point remains the same.

ABIROB air-cooled robotic MIG guns are available in 360- or 500-amp versions with customized cable lengths to suit your unique needs. The standard 500-amp cable allows you to fit either neck to the cable without performance issues.

ABIROB A Features & Benefits:

  • Simple and compact modular design for easy servicing
  • Slim torch build provides optimal accessibility
  • High stability and reproducibility ensure maximum Tool Center Point safety even in the event of a collision
  • The innovative interlock system allows for a straightforward and fast change of the cable assembly with a constant Tool Center Point.

ABIROB® Water-cooled Robotic MIG Guns

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Pure ROBO power! Water-cooled ABIROB W welding torches have power ratings up to 600 A and are equipped with state-of-the-art cable assembly and interface technology. The modular design of these rugged yet flexible torches allows a fast change of torch neck and cable assembly components without the TCP (Tool Center Point) changing – thus avoiding additional programming effort. For medium automation production plants. High repetitive accuracy and a continuously precise welding process are ensured through the innovative and simple torch construction.

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