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ProStar™ Press Brake PRSBO6778NC

BP/NC Series Heavyweight Press Brake

Praxair’s ProStar™ PRSBP6778NC hydraulic press brake is bigger and heavier than the PRSBP5060NC, with productivity features such as additional fine adjustments for extreme production accuracy, 50 percent more horsepower and a 35-gallon oil reservoir.

Due to larger size and more than 60 tons of capacity, this hydraulic press brake comes standard with a hydraulic auto-crowning compensation system that ensures straight bends, even while working at full capacity. Upper beam and auto-crowning compensation devices have separate, scaled pressure regulators.

Six sensor safety curtains, 6.29-inch table width, front material rests and one set of multi-vee tooling are included.

Electric Back Gauge with Auto-Crowing Compensation

  • Extra-wide guideways for exceptional rigidity
  • Adjustable two-step downward travel for higher productivity
  • Hydraulic auto-crowning compensation
  • Oversized hydraulic tank with high-performance pump smoothes and stabilizes oil flow
  • Photoelectric safety curtain
  • Accepts any standard brake tooling
  • Vertical positioning via electronic encoder and mechanical stops
Praxair Press Brake PRSBO6778NC


Standard Configuration

Part No.Maximum Capacity

Bending Capacity 

(max length @ max thickness)

Distance Between Housing

Distance from Table to Ram

Throat Depth (to housing) 

Stroke Distance

Approach Speed

Bending Speed

Return Speed

Gauge Length

Main MotorBack Gauge MotorPower RequirementsOil CapacityDimensions (L/W/H)Shipping Weight
PRSBP6778NC67 tons78.75 in. / .157 in.61 in.11.81 in.7.87 in.5.9 in.

3.14 in./sec.

.275 in./sec.2.36 in./sec.23.62 in.7.5 hp1/2 hp220 V 3-hp35 gal90.55 in. x 61.02 in. x 94.48 in.7,700 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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