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Medipure Transport Carts


Praxair provides a range of cylinder carts to simplify and promote the safe movement of cylinders.

The new Praxair Medipure™ Large Cylinder Cart makes having cylinders ready to go at the point of care easier than ever. Available in either a two cylinder or a single cylinder format, these advanced carts allow right storage of cylinders and reduce cylinder footprint in the ER or ICU areas. Medipure LC Series carts improve cylinder handling and make in-room storage more functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Praxair Medipure transport carts


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  • Single and Dual Cylinder Design

       - Your choice of formats to maximize cylinder storage volumes and footprint to match your space constraints

  • Vertical Storage Cylinder Position

       - Replaces traditional tube-metal cylinder carts which require storage of cylinder at an angle for stability

  • Accessory Baskets

- Store hoses, guides and other items in a neat ready-to-use basket, eliminating the need to ‘hang’ items from the  cylinder and connections

  • IV Pole Mount

       - Mount gas conditioning and other devices required for patient care and maximize space utilization

  • Optional Cylinder Mounting Bracket for Portable Gas Cylinders

       - Portable medical gas cylinders in ‘D’ and ‘E’ size can be mounted when required to transport


  • Smooth Easy Wipe-Down Surface

       - Smooth surfaces make it easier to facilitate care and cleaning to help maintain cleanliness in patient care areas

  • Sturdy Construction

       - Robust design facilitates storage of ‘K/H’, ‘T’, or ‘6K’ cylinders

  • Locking Wheels

       - The cart is effectively held into position

  • Easy Lift Mechanism

       - Crank-type design reduces the effort required to get cylinders into a position that’s ready to transport