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HealthCare Facility Optimization & Management

Praxair offers a custom 95-point on-site survey to help you stay on top of changing medical standards, monitor and control employee chemical exposure and indoor air quality and maintain your medical gas systems.

Compliance Checklist

In today's dynamic regulatory environment, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the changing standards and regulations on the safe use, testing and maintenance of your medical gases. Praxair can help. With our custom 95-point introductory on-site survey, we will inspect your oxygen USP, nitrous oxide USP, nitrogen NF, medical air USP and surgical vacuum source equipment. We’ll also survey master alarms, perform medical gas analysis, evaluate stand-by oxygen reserve systems and review emergency supply connections. Praxair's custom 95-point survey provides a written report to assist you in your maintenance evaluation and the Joint Commission survey.

Praxair Healthcare Facility Optimization & Management

Employee Exposure Monitoring

Praxair specialists can perform on-site monitoring for hazardous gases such as nitrous oxide and halogenated agents in operating rooms, obstetrics and recovery rooms. We also monitor ethylene oxide and glutaraldehyde in the central sterile department and other use points including respiratory and endoscopy departments.

Our site assessment measures safe levels in accordance with OSHA requirements and we provide the documentation required for the Joint Commission survey. Our team can also assist you when any corrective action is required. We provide a variety of solutions to reduce employee exposure including safe work and safety station inspections.

Environmental Monitoring Services

Federal and local agencies are keeping an increasingly sharp eye on employee exposure to hazardous chemicals at health care facilities worldwide. Non-compliance risks steep fines, stiff penalties and potentially compromises worker safety.

We offer a full line of testing and remediation services to help you measure, monitor and control employee exposure and indoor air quality throughout your facility — ensuring compliance with the regulations of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Joint Commission, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), College of American Pathology (CAP), National Institute for Occupational, Safety and Health (NIOSH), and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).

Medical Gas Systems Services

With decades of experience in bulk, manifold and pipeline medical gas systems, we can inspect your new and existing source equipment and distribution systems to assess compliance. We can also evaluate your gas demand and recommend equipment changes and upgrades that can improve performance, prevent runouts and lower supply costs.

Praxair sells and services a broad line of equipment for medical and vacuum gas systems. Our technicians have years of experience installing and servicing major brands. Through medical gas in-services, we can also train your personnel to do their own installations on small projects, perform preventative maintenance and properly supervise subcontractors. We also provide emergency preparedness training for nurses and other personnel working with oxygen and other medical gases.

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