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ProStar™ Heavy-Duty Turning Rolls

Praxair’s ProStar™ PR Series turning rolls with torque tube design are ideal for varying diameter cylindrical workpieces weighing 10,000 to 480,000 pounds plus. The PR Series provide lasting performance and reliability.

Standard Features

  • Solid-state pendant controlled
  • Amphenol connections
  • High-quality worm gear
  • Torque-tube wheel

Available Options

  • Forward/stop/reverse foot switch
  • Overload discs
  • Fast/slow foot switch
  • Anti-skewing mechanism
  • Preset digital tachometer
  • Thrust rolls
  • Steel wheels Travel cars
  • Modified wheel materials
  • Modified wheel spacing
  • Spring-loaded caster mounts
Praxair ProStar Heavy-Duty Turning Rolls


Standard Configuration

Specifications2 Tons15 Tons25 Tons50 Tons90 Tons135 Tons
Turning Capacity (Systems)10,000 lbs.30,000 lbs.50,000 lbs.100,00 lbs.180,000 lbs.270,000 lbs.
Power Roll Part No.PRS105PPRPRS3010PPRPRS5017PPRPRS10034PPRPRS18060PPRPR27090PPR
Idler Roll Part No.PRS105PIRPRS3010PIRPRS5017PIRPRS10034PIRPRS18060PIRPR27090PIR
Diameter Range8 in. - 144 in.6 in. - 180 in.6 in. - 180 in.12 in. - 252 in.12 in. - 252 in.12 in. - 252 in.
Wheel Diameter 12 in.16 in. 16 in.20 in. 20 in.20 in.
Combined Wheel Face 4 in.4 in.8 in.10 in.15 in.20 in.
Speed Range (IPM)3.0 - 80.02.1 - 63.02.1 - 63.02.8 - 66.23.0 - 75.02.0 - 48.0
Tractive Effort 462 lbs.1,385 lbs.2,310 lbs.4,619 lbs.8,314 lbs.12,471 lbs.
Motor1/3 hp1 hp1.5 hp3 hp5 hp3 hp

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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