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Grab N' Go® Opti

Praxair’s Grab ‘n Go® Opti oxygen system can help you improve the quality of patient transports, simplify inventory and make moving patients easier.

Praxair’s Grab ‘n Go® Opti is our lightest and most compact portable oxygen system and features new technology to help caregivers evaluate cylinder contents at a glance. This new system includes the standard features of our award-winning Grab ‘n Go systems in a more compact, lightweight design.

Praxair Grab N' Go Opti

Easy-to-read contents indicator

Visible through the clear window on the side of the shroud, the contents indicator begins to turn red once the cylinder contents reach 750 psi and is fully red at 500 psi when it is time to change the tank for a full one

Glow-in-the-dark pressure gauge

Since portable oxygen systems may be used under low-light conditions, the pressure gauge incorporates glow-in-the-dark material to make it easier to read

Two-valve, single-knob control activation

Streamlines training versus units that require two knobs to be turned to initiate flow

Tough, impact resistant shroud

Protects regulator and meets ISO drop-test standard 11117

Integrated handle

Makes system easy to lift 

Hose bard connection

Easily attaches to slip-fit tubing and nasal cannula to deliver metered flowrates.

50 psig outlet

Attach auxiliary equipment.

MRI conditional up to three Tesla's

Grab ‘n Go Opti system available only on aluminum cylinders.

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