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Designed and built for high pressure and high flow applications, Praxair's Portaflex 1500 ZX VHP Microbulk Storage System provides flexible portability to quickly respond to demanding industrial gas applications. Easily transported, the Portaflex 1500 ZX VHP system is rated at flow rates up to 3000 SCFH while sustaining 420-450 psig.
Looking for a start-up system to help determine your monthly gas volume? Praxair's Portaflex 1500 ZX VHP system is the answer!

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Reduce change-outs and improve productivity with Praxair’s microbulk gas delivery system

As your business grows, so does your need for a gas supply system with greater capacity. When single cylinders are not enough, packs and portable liquid vessels are a good choice for increased volume and reduced changeouts. And when site and business conditions permit, a microbulk system is an even better choice that can reduce change-outs, reduce costs and improve productivity. An innovative on-site solution, Praxair’s microbulk gas delivery system provides unique advantages that improve efficiency and raise your bottom line – all while ensuring an uninterrupted supply of high quality gas for your business.

Improve productivity and reduce downtime

With a microbulk system, there are no cylinder exchanges. Your tank remains on-site and a microbulk truck refills your tank as needed— without the downtime associated with changeouts. In addition to gaining employee efficiency from the time previously spent with cylinder change-outs and handling, the cost of the liquid product in the microbulk system versus the gaseous form will help your budget.

Eliminate concerns with gas inventory and product outages

Praxair’s telemetry system electronically monitors and reports tank inventory levels to our logistics center 24/7 and automatically schedules on-time deliveries. The system features an LCD readout that indicates current status and provides accurate product level readings within +/- 0.10”.

No major changes needed at your existing site

The microbulk gas delivery system is easily integrated into day-to-day operations with minimal disruption to your business. A microbulk system does not require the extensive site preparation and associated costs of a traditional bulk system. A microbulk system can be installed nearly anywhere at your facility with appropriate safeguards in place.

Microbulk does more to help you grow your business

More productivity from an uninterrupted supply of gas, more efficient accounting and ordering, minimal inventory maintenance and gas offerings that include nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide: Day-in, day-out, the microbulk gas delivery system provides more ways to help you grow your business.

Comparison between common cylinder cluster and microbulk tanks capacity

The difference is easy to see – more gas without the handling and change-outs.

Gas12 Cylinder ClusterMicrobulk 450 Liter Microbulk 700 Liter Microbulk 1000 Liter Microbulk 1500 LiterMicrobulk 2000 Microbulk 3000 Liter 
Argon4,020 SCF12,478 SCF 19,160 SCF 29,400 SCF 43,220 SCF 57,786 SCF 80,425 SCF 
Nitrogen 3,648 SCF 10,332 SCF 15,860 SCF 24,350 SCF 35,790 SCF 47,847 SCF 66,592 SCF 
CO₂ 2,622 SCF

(6 Cylinder Cluster) 

8,200 SCF

938 lbs 

12,608 SCF

1,442 lbs 

19,960 SCF

2,283 lbs 

29,340 SCF

4,352 lbs 

38,048 SCF

4,352 lbs 

52,954 SCF

6,058 lbs

Oxygen 4,044 SCF 12,760 SCF 19,600 SCF 30,070 SCF 44,220 SCF 59,089 SCF 82,239 SCF 


Multiply the savings with microbulk

When you replace clusters with a Praxair microbulk system, your savings in time, money, space and safety quickly add up.

  • Reduce downtime with no cylinder change-outs
  • Buying product in liquid form reduces overall product costs
  • No moving cylinders means greater employee safety
  • Free up space on the shop floor

Take your productivity to the next level with Praxair

Praxair’s microbulk gas delivery system is a proven solution empowering customers in a broad range of markets including metal fabrication, food and beverage, laboratory and research, and many areas of manufacturing.


• Quick Response — easy to deploy.
• High Performance
• Small Footprint
• Portable Flexibility