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Cylinders & Clusters

Praxair’s 6, 12 and 18-cylinder gas packs feature lift points above and below, so they can be transported safely and easily with a pallet jack, forklift or crane. The reinforced frame improves cylinder valve protection. Plus, the elimination of casters lowers the center of gravity, which reduces the likelihood of tipping the gas pack, improving safety.

Not only are these gas cylinder cluster packs easier to move and store, but they are also labor-saving. The convenience of a large volume gas supply from cylinders connected to a single manifold helps your shop avoid productivity disruptions and saves workers the time and trouble of swapping out individual gas cylinders

Standard Features

  • Convenience – fewer change-outs
  • Improved safety – fewer gas packages to manage and move
  • Increased productivity and savings – less time spent managing and moving gas cylinders and cylinder packs
  • High quality, rugged, dependable package


Praxair Cylinder Gas Packs

Cylinder Gas Packs

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Praxair Starblend Mixing System

Starblend Mixing System

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