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Praxair Acetylene Trailers

Acetylene Trailers

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Praxair Acetylene Clusters

Acetylene Clusters

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Need a reliable source of acetylene? Praxair delivers.
Praxair eliminates uncertainties by providing a robust supply of acetylene that you know will be there.

A disruption in your acetylene supply is a wrench you don’t need thrown into the works. Choosing Praxair as your acetylene supplier keeps your operation running smoothly by insuring you have a reliable, source of fuel gas day after day.

Count on Praxair for complete turnkey fuel gas supply solutions — in whatever packaged volumes you need — that meet both high-temperature cutting and welding and high-purity chemical application requirements. Whether your operation is large or small, a reliable supply of chemical acetylene can make a difference to your bottom line. Praxair can assure you’ll have that necessary access to high-quality, high-purity fuel gas so you can focus on your business rather than product availability.

Praxair provides many single cylinder sizes of acetylene, acetylene cylinder clusters, as well as acetylene trailers for applications requiring high capacity and flow rates.

Standard Features

  • Reliable acetylene supply – large supply of generated and chemical acetylene
  • Scalable delivery options – single cylinders, clusters and acetylene trailers
  • Bulk acetylene solutions – increased gas flows, quantity pricing, optimization of site space
  • High quality product – acetylene purities available from 98.0% – 99.9%