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ProStar™ Piper High Accuracy Pipe Cutting Machine -  PRSPIPER3T

Precise 3D Cutting and Beveling

Praxair’s ProStar™ Piper 3T is a well-standardized, heavy-duty pipe cutting machine that makes use of a three-jaw chuck to clamp and rotate the pipe during cutting. Pipe diameters up to 24 inches (610 mm) can be processed in a wide range of lengths and profile shapes. The ability to perform high-accuracy cutting using plasma and/or oxy-fuel, and a variety of standard features, qualifies the PRSPIPER3T as a good fit for almost any shop and budget. The ProStar PIPER virtually eliminates the need for grinding to drastically reduce fitting time.

Standard Features

  • Plasma and oxy-fuel systems
  • Main drive 3-jaw chuck
  • Pipe trolleys
  • Cutting trolley
  • Deltatau® motion control
  • Panasonic® electronics and motors
  • Wago® remote bus IO
  • Airflow cooling
  • Industrial PC with SSD drive
  • Touchscreen operator controls

Machine Technical DataPositioningRepeatability 
Main Drive Rotation Ø 600 MM0.25°0.13°
Torch Tilting (Pitch and Roll)0.50°0.25°
Main Drive Up/Down MovementHydraulic (manual)Hydraulic (manual)
Cutting Trolley Longitudinal Movement0.020 in.0.0010 in.
Torch/Material Distance 0.0040 in. 0.020 in.
3d pipe cutting machines by Praxair cut with plasma or oxyfuel and enable extreme accuracy with an optional bevel.

Standard Configuration

Part No.

Min Outer Dia.

Max Outer Dia.

Max Pipe Weight

Max Pipe Length


2 in. 

48 mm

24 in.

610 mm

3.30 t

3 t

20 ft. - 40 ft.

6 m - 12 m


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