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Laser Nozzles

Praxair provides a full range of high-quality nozzles for lasers from nearly every manufacturer. Contact us at 262-613-3902 for more options and information on laser nozzles from Praxair.


  • Prima®
  • Rofin®
  • Salvagnini®
  • Tanaka®
  • Trumpf®
  • Amada®
  • BLM/Adige®
  • Bystronic®
  • Cincinnati®
  • Coherent®
  • Cy Laser®
  • Durma®
  • Ermak®
  • Hans®
  • HK Laser®
  • IPG®
  • LVD®
  • Mazak®
  • MegaFab®
  • Mitsubishi®
  • Precitec®
Praxair Fiber Laser Nozzles


Reference No.Description Eash Except Suffix X=10Centricut 
1572361Dbl Nozzle 1.2 mm CPAM343-2361-1.2X
71369813, 71502038Dbl Nozzle 1.4 mm CPAM343-9813X
71518548, 1572380Dbl Nozzle 1.7 mm CPAM343-2361-1.7X
1572361Dbl Nozzle 2.0 mm CPAM343-2361-2.0X
71515394, 71501059Dbl Nozzle 2.57 mm CPAM343-2361-2.5X
71516788Dbl Nozzle 3.0 mm CPAM343-2361-3.0X
71501060, 71516790Dbl Nozzle 4.0 mm CPAM343-9817X
 Dbl Nozzle 4.0mm w/2 mm inner CPAM343-1037X
1572361Dbl Nozzle 5.0 mm CPAM343-2350CPX
 Dbl Nozzle 6.0 mm CPAM343-0569X
71360091Sensor Cone HS95AM343-1621


Reference No.Description Eash Except Suffix X=10Centricut 
10084700 Nozzle F20 DW, Push Fit 2.0 mmBY310-4700X
10084701Nozzle F25 DW, Push Fit 2.5 mmBY310-4701X
10066333Nozzle F30 DW, Push Fit 3.0mmBY310-6333X
10090091Nozzle F35 DW, Push Fit 3.5 mmBY310-0091X
10066331Nozzle F40 DW, Push Fit 4.0 mmBY310-6331X
10066330Nozzle F45 DW, Push Fit 4.5 mmBY310-6330X
10060092Nozzle F50 DW, Push Fit 5.0 mmBY310-0092X
10066053Nozzle F55 DW, Push Fit 5.5 mmBY310-6053X
10066069Nozzle F60 DW, Push Fit 6.0 mmBY310-6069X


Reference No.Description Eash Except Suffix X=10Centricut 
2059462Dbl Nozzle EAU 2.5 mmTR407-9462
2060001Dbl Nozzle EAU 3.0 mmTR407-0001
2060004Dbl Nozzle EAU 4.0 mmTR407-0004
2060025Dbl Nozzle EAU 6.0 mmTR407-0025
2253595Dbl Nozzle EAU 10.0 mmTR407-3595
1579549Dbl Nozzle EAK 2.5 mmTR407-9549
1579556Dbl Nozzle EAK 3.0 mmTR407-9556
1835747Dbl Nozzle EAK 4.0 mmTR407-5747


Reference No.Description Eash Except Suffix X=10Centricut 
 Dbl Nozzle 1.0 mm CPMZ373-1601CPX
Q06143300080Dbl Nozzle 1.2 mm CPMZ373-1602CPX
36143312300Dbl Nozzle 1.5 mm CPMZ373-1603CPX
36143312310Dbl Nozzle 1.8 mm CPMZ373-1604CPX
36143312311Dbl Nozzle 2.0 mm CPMZ373-1605CPX 
36143312320Dbl Nozzle 2.5 mm CPMZ373-1607CPX
36143312330Dbl Nozzle 3.0 mm CPMZ373-1608CPX
36143312340Dbl Nozzle 3.5 mm CPMZ373-1609CPX
36143312350Dbl Nozzle 4.0 mm CPMZ373-1610CPX
36143312360Dbl Nozzle 4.5 mm CPMZ373-1611CPX
36143312370Dbl Nozzle 5.0 mm CPMZ373-1612CPX
Q6260700010Dbl Nozzle 4.0 mm by 1.2 mm CPMZ373-1614CPX
6143355360Dbl Nozzle 4.0 mm by 1.4 mm CPMZ373-1615CPX
6143355370Dbl Nozzle 4.0 mm by 1.8 mm CPMZ373-1616CPX
06283301050Dbl Nozzle 4.5 mm by 1.2 mm CPMZ373-1617CPX
06283301200Dbl Nozzle 5.0 mm by 1.2 mm CPMZ373-1618CPX
06283301210Dbl Nozzle 5.5 mm by 1.2 mm CPMZ373-1619CPX
06283301840Dbl Nozzle 5.5 mm by 1.8 mm CPMZ373-1686CPX
6283302110Dbl Nozzle 7.0 mm by 1.8 mm CPMZ373-1688


Reference No.Description Eash Except Suffix X=10Centricut 
W390Inner Nozzle 4 holes, 1.3 mmMB316-390
W270Inner Nozzle 8 holes, 1.3 mmMB316-270
W388Inner Nozzle 16 holes, 1.3 mmMB316-388
W515Inner Nozzle 24 holes, 1.3 mmMB316-515
L1121Inner Nozzle 3 holes, 1.5 mmMB316-1121
L1127Inner Nozzle 4 holes, 1.5 mm MB316-1127
L1117Inner Nozzle 5 holes, 1.5 mmMB316-1117
L1122Inner Nozzle 3 holes, 2.0 mmMB316-1122
L1116Inner Nozzle 4 holes, 2.0 mmMB316-1116
L1118Inner Nozzle 6 holes, 2.0 mmMB316-1118
AL508Outer Nozzle 1.2 mmMB316-0508
AL510Outer Nozzle 1.5 mmMB316-0510
AL509Outer Nozzle 1.7 mmMB316-0509
AL511Outer Nozzle 2.0 mmMB316-0511
AL515Outer Nozzle 2.3 mmMB316-0515
AL512Outer Nozzle 2.5 mmMB316-0512
AL513Outer Nozzle 3.0mmMB316-0513
AL514Outer Nozzle 3.5mmMB316-0514

Note: Fiber lasers run longer at peak performance with a LaserStar™ Regulator Filter Panel of Filter Panel.

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