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CNC Cutting Tables

Cut into enhanced process performance with Praxair’s complete line of CNC cutting systems.

The Praxair ProStar line of heavy-duty plasma and flame cutting systems are manufactured to the highest standards to serve your most demanding metal fabrication needs.

ProStar Lancer Series

Lancer Series

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ProStar Heavy Duty Tables

Heavy Duty Cutting Tables

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Praxair Retrofits


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Praxair Software


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  • Exceptional Cut Quality
  • Reduces angularity and nearly eliminates dross
  • Reduces rework and post weld clean up

Improved Torch Design

  • Extends life of consumables
  • Reduces consumables costs over time

Comprehensive range of models and services

  • Provides industry-leading options for metfab shops big and small
  • Maximizes budgets by extending the life of current machines through service and retrofit capabilities

Beveling and High-Speed Drilling Stations

  • Increases throughput/productivity
  • Reduces material handling

The Praxair ProStar® line of CNC cutting machines spans the range from the lancer plate cutting machines for small metfab operations to the PRS800 robotic plasma cutting system, the most advanced structural steel fabricating machine on the market. Praxair ProStar CNC cutting machines specialize in plate cutting, pipe cutting, circular cutting, 3D/beam cutting, dome cutting, drilling and contour beveling.