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Hardgoods Management

Total Supply Management for Construction Services

Stop waiting on the truck — Praxair’s Total Supply Management Program helps reduce time spent waiting on replenishment

Had enough of waiting for trucks to replenish your gases and hard goods? Praxair’s Total Supply Management Program can eliminate the time spent waiting for deliveries. Designed to maximize uptime, reduce site traffic, increase safety and lower costs, this innovative program combines a tailored onsite gas supply and hardgoods system to simplify supply management and help ensure your team has what they need when they need it.

The Gases You Need – Onsite…Ready

With our Total Supply Management Program, you benefit from onsite gas supply solutions that begin with custom packaged gas plans and purpose built onsite fill plants. We offer plans, tailored to your exact need, that can range from individual cylinders and packs to custom microbulk systems, gas generators, point of use, gas delivery and bulk storage systems. No matter how large or complicated the need, Praxair provides engineering and design services to create a plan that supports your specific processes, improves productivity and increases your bottom line.

Uninterrupted Supply, Reduced Chance for Loss of Use

Praxair’s Total Supply Management Program provides an uninterrupted supply of gases and keeps the work flowing. Once in place, the system creates a closed loop system, eliminating many of the pitfalls associated with cylinders and assets coming and going – they stay at your site and are filled at your site. The closed site system provides greater security and increases the accuracy of inventories and this accuracy directly impacts your bottom line. With the Praxair system in place, the chance for loss of use billing is reduced, saving you thousands of dollars.

Taking The Pain Out of OnSite Supply

With Praxair’s Total Supply Management Program, we provide a consumables and hardgoods inventory program that is simple – it does not create additional work for your operation. Just take what you need, we’ll inventory the supply and only charge for what is used. The program is designed to help you keep your people working and building instead of counting or waiting. It’s the smart, onsite way to increase productivity, safety and cost efficiencies.

Know How Many Cylinders You Have and Where They Are

Praxair’s Sentry™ Cylinder Tracking System helps to ensure accurate onsite accounting of assets and excels in complex situations with multiple locations or cost centers. The Sentry system uses a scannable barcode tied to a cylinder’s serial number and multiple scan checkpoints to provide precise division among your cost centers, inventories and billing. As an added benefit of the closed loop system, Praxair’s Sentry system impacts your bottom line directly through simplified billing.

Praxair Hardgoods Management

Features and Benefits

  • Onsite gas and hardgoods inventory — Significantly reduce time waiting on replenishment of gas and hard goods
  • Reduced site traffic — Less opportunity for accidents or safety incidents
  • Sentry cylinder tracking — Reduce/Eliminate post project billing for lost cylinders
  • Simplified billing — One comprehensive bill per month for gas and hard goods

The Waiting Ends When Praxair Begins

Schedule a presentation with Praxair today and discover how the Total Supply Management Program can improve the productivity, safety and bottom line of your operation.

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Total Supply Management

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