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Prostar FC-SS-11 .045 33# SP

Characteristics :

• Limited multi-pass, all-position wire

• Can be used on up to 3/4” thick steel

• Can be used with CC power sources, provided that the power source can produce a low voltage range between 14 – 19 volts and voltage sensing wire feeders

• Uses DCEN polarity

• Smooth arc and low spatter emission ProStar

FC-SS-11 wire is versatile with excellent operator appeal because of its smooth arc, low spatter emission, and overall ease of handling. Good choice for hard-to-reach locations, or where provisioning of gas cylinders is not practical. Good for windy or adverse conditions when mechanical properties are of less concern. FC-SS-11 has little tendency to burn-through, and is well suited for butt, fillet, and lap joints on steel thicknesses from 16 ga to 3/8”. Not recommended for welding steel thicknesses greater than 3/4”. For welding 3/8” – 3/4” steels, a preheat temperature of 325 °F is advisable. Recommended for single- and limited multipass welding in all positions using no shielding gas.


Brand: Prostar

MFG: S222112-729

Package: 33 lb Spool

Type: Flux Cored Wire

UNSPSC: 23271813