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HydroStar H-5

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Argon, Hydrostar, Industrial Gas, High Pressure Steel Q Style Cylinder, 74CF, 2000PSIG, CGA 350

The Praxair HydroStar shielding gas blends are primarily used for joining austenitic stainless steels utilizing the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or TIG) process. Hydrogen increases heat input to the base materials while providing a reducing atmosphere to enhance weld cleanliness. Significant advantages in travel speed over pure argon can be attained.

Principal Applications

Additions of 2-5% are generally used for manual TIG welding of stainless steel food service equipment, railings, and aerospace components. Hydrogen additions of 10-15% are generally used in the mechanized welding of austenitic stainless steel tubing.

What Do They Say About Praxair HydroStar Shielding Gases?

  • Praxair hydrogen-enhanced gas blends produce faster travel speeds and let you do more welding, with less distortion, in less time.
  • Because Praxair HydroStar blends increase the fluidity of the weld puddle, less manipulation of the puddle is required to achieve a satisfactory, good-looking weld.
  • Praxair HydroStar blends offer reduced oxidation and superior corrosion resistance. They produce welds with a bright, attractive surface finish, which need little or no post-weld cleanup (300 series stainless and Inconel).
  • Praxair HydroStar blends perform best in plasma welding applications, particularly when welding in the keyhole mode.
  • Praxair HydroStar blends are widely applied with Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and plasma welding, gouging and cutting.
  • Using Praxair HydroStar blends in plasma arc gouging, you realize low fume levels, controlled noise, minimal base metal treatment prior to welding and excellent arc stability. These make the noisy, hot carbon arc process a thing of the past.


Brand: HydroStar