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Laboratory Gas Cabinets

Jun 24, 2020, 07:32 AM
Title : Laboratory Gas Cabinets
laboratory gas cabinet

7000 Series Gas Cabinet

The 7000 Series gas cabinet enclosures are used to store gas cylinders and to mount gas delivery panels for the safe use of hazardous gases. They provide a low cost method to contain any gas releases and achieve compliance of municipal and customer safety codes.

Design and Construction Features

  • Doors and windows that close and latch automatically; exhaust vent located on top of cabinet.
  • Air inlet louvers.
  • Internal UL approved fire sprinkler with protective coating.
  • Adjustable cylinder brackets.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe storage of compressed gases.
  • Gas releases are contained and vented to an exhaust system away from workers.
  • Gas leak detection systems can be linked to an alarm and/or emergency shutoff.
  • Safe use, dispensing and handling of hazardous gases.
  • Clean apppearances ince cylinders are kept inside enclosure and not in the workplace.


  • All welded construction using 11 GA steel.
  • Epoxy coated for maximum protection.
  • 1/4" thick, wire reinforced safety glass window.

Ordering Information

Part NumberCapacityHeight
in (cm)
in (cm)
in (cm)
PRS71001 cylinder72 (183)18 (46)18 (46)
PRS72002 cylinders72 (183)24 (61)18 (46)
PRS73003 cylinders72 (183)36 (91)18 (46)
PRS74004 cylinders72 (183)48 (122)18 (46)

Other Options

  • PRS7001 - cylinder shelf
  • PRS7003 - domed roof configurations
  • PRS7005 - keyed door latch
  • PRS7010 - air intake filter
  • PRS7013 - rubber floor mat

Custom Cabinets

Contact your Praxair representative.

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