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Jan 29, 2021
The requirements for chemicals and gases in the electronics industry are among the most rigorous in the world. Praxair is turning up the quality of our electronics materials to help you make a better product.

The requirements for chemicals and gases in the electronics industry are among the most rigorous in the world. Praxair is turning up the quality of our electronics materials to help you make a better product. From the purest industrial gases to the highest quality sputtering targets, we’ll work with you to understand your opportunities for differentiation — and help make it happen. 

Praxair’s experts are uniquely positioned to address the key needs of your operation, helping you remain competitive in today’s highly complex, global electronics industry, including the semiconductor, solar, display, and LED markets. We offer a broad portfolio that includes environmentally sustainable solutions, rigorously controlled electronic specialty gases (ESGs), bulk and pipeline gases, equipment and services. 

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Whether its cylinder specialty gases for production processes, facility support gases from a microbulk system, or bulk or on-site delivery systems for large quantity demands, electronics manufacturing requires reliable, consistent products and services to get the job done right. Praxair’s offerings are designed to help you boost productivity and reduce costs that are crucial to your bottom line.

Process gases that support your productivity

Praxair has a proven track record of supporting electronics producers in semiconductor, LED and electronics assembly markets. Our process gases maximize productivity, reduce process costs and enable new technologies. You can count on Praxair for a reliable supply of gases that match your production process requirements, including some of the most common ESGs like NF3, WF6, CO2, N2O and HCl.

Facility support gases in the optimal supply configuration

In addition to offering state-of-the-art process gases, Praxair specializes in manufacturing and supplying facility support gases to keep your operation working steadily. Whether you need one cylinder, or a truckload, you can look to Praxair to deliver your nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium and carbon dioxide needs.

Praxair’s flexible gas delivery options allow you to optimize your budget while ensuring you’ve got the gas you need to maintain your operations. From cylinders and clusters to dewars, Praxair supplies facility support gases from its robust network of nearby regional facilities so your supply doesn’t run low, assuring you a low-cost, local supply channel. 

For larger volume needs, Praxair also offers microbulk gas delivery systems, a cost-effective supply solution designed to help maximize your efficiency by minimizing downtime caused by changeouts and product outages.  praxair spec & electronics 2 blog

Your single-source supplier of gas delivery equipment

Whether you’re increasing your current capacity, ramping up production of a new product or developing the next breakthrough technology, gases are only part of what it takes to be successful. Praxair also offers a complete line of gas delivery equipment to provide you a centralized resource for an efficient, safe and high-performing operation. From standard low cost solutions to fully engineered custom systems, Praxair provides an extensive line of specialty gas handing equipment including:

Consistent service and technical support

At Praxair, our job is to help ensure your operation goes off without a hitch. Combining years of hands-on industry experience in electronics and specialty gases, our team is committed to excellence and brings you effective, creative solutions at a moment’s notice.

Praxair is committed to providing you with the highest standard of electronics gases, equipment and service, from regional and local supply facilities for reliable, on-time delivery to our around-the-clock industry-leading technical support.
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