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Get a Grip on Productivity Demands with ProStar™ Gantry Welding Systems

Nov 23, 2020
ProStar gantry welding systems can improve your shop’s deposition rates and reduce welding rework issues, saving your shop time and money. Check out this week’s blog to learn more.

The welding of long structural beams is an important and often difficult process. Manual welding systems for this praxair gantry system3process are inefficient, slow and result in varying weld quality. Time spent on post weld rework costs metal fabrication businesses valuable time and money. Fabricators often try different forms of automation to improve productivity and throughput, though often the gains prove to be modest and the new processes may still fall short in terms of weld quality. 

Praxair’s ProStar™ PRSGWS gantry systems represent an automated solution that will improve productivity while maintaining or improving weld quality. Complete with two welding stations, joint-seam tracking, process viewing camera systems and torch adjustability, ProStar gantry welding systems apply a continuous sub-arc weld for maximum deposition of weld metal at faster travel speeds, reducing operating costs and improving productivity. Because both sides are welding at the same time, the gantry system helps balance distortion.  In addition, the ability to use twin sub-arc torches on each side increases deposition rates (up to 80 pounds per hour for both torches) and the ability to use dual tandem sub-arc torches increases deposition rates further ( up to 140 pounds per hour for both torches).  Praxair gantry system2

Built with the operator in mind, ProStar gantry systems feature a user-friendly touchscreen HMI with an aviator-style joystick, allowing the operator to control every part of the system, including the gantry and welding power sources. Additionally, a moving, high-back operator's seat is set low to the floor and offers comfort and proximity to the work area.

Features of ProStar Gantry Welding Systems

  • Dual 1,000A submerged arc power sources typically set up in twin mode for maximum dual independent flux delivery, recovery and heating systems (can be sized to customer requirements).  Four power sources required for the dual tandem configuration.
  • Servo controlled track drive system up to 35 feet per minute travel speed.
  • Operator chair and HMI console
  • Powered cross-slides for fine tuning of welding head(s), up to 84 inches vertical and 12 inch horizontal travel
  • Customizable seam tracking – Choose mechanical (probe) or vision (laser)
  • Full-color weld camera systems with monitors and recording capabilities, laser pointer for easy setup and visual seam tracking confirmation

Customized and Built Just for Your Shop  praxair gantry system3

Simple to customize and built to order to suit each customer’s unique requirements, users can select HMI to custom control options, sub-arc or open arc camera systems and probe or laser seam tracking systems. They can also specify onboard twin or tandem SAW or GMAW/MIG  configurations, flux delivery, recovery and heating systems. Available options also include induction or flame preheat systems and onboard MIG welding systems for manual welding requirements.

Contact Praxair Today 

praxair gantry system4
Praxair’s customizable ProStar gantry welding systems can improve your shop’s deposition rates and reduce welding rework issues, saving your shop time and money so you can focus on maintaining your competitive edge. Trust Praxair for the equipment you need with the service and support you deserve. Contact your local Praxair representative or call 1-800-225-8247 to have a productivity specialist engineer a solution to meet your specific welding needs.
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