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Keeping the Work Flowing

Jun 12, 2020

As your business grows, so does your need for a gas supply system with greater capacity. When your requirements exceed the ability of single cylinders, packs and portable liquid vessels, a microbulk gas supply can be a better choice.  Praxair’s microbulk gas delivery system is an on-site solution that provides unique advantages  Praxair POD Microbulk5hat improve efficiency and raise your bottom line – all while ensuring an uninterrupted supply of high-quality gas or your business.


Reducing downtime

With a microbulk system, there are no cylinder exchanges. Your tank remains on-site and a microbulk truck refills your tank as needed, without the downtime associated with change-outs. Praxair’s microbulk gas delivery system keeps the gas and the work flowing.

In addition to gaining employee efficiency from the time previously spent with cylinder change-outs and handling, the cost of the liquid product in the microbulk system versus the gaseous form will help your budget.


Eliminate concerns with gas inventory and product outages

Wireless telemetry lets you focus more on your business by monitoring gas supply levels and automatically generating orders for deliveries. This helps to reduce product outages, as well as time spent managing inventory  nd placing orders.  Praxair’s telemetry system features:  Praxair POD Microbulk

  • A direct link to Praxair’s customer service
  • LCD readout indicates current status
  • Accuracy with +/- .10 inches of product
  • Three level settings
  • Audible low-level alarm
  • Wireless or can be connected to a dedicated phone line


Minimal disruptions at your existing site

Praxair’s microbulk gas delivery system is easily integrated into your day-to-day operations with minimal disruption to your business. Praxair provides multiple microbulk portable options that allows for easy setup while determining the right location for your permanent installation. 

Doing more to help you grow your business

Whether it’s more productivity from an uninterrupted supply of gas, more efficient ordering or reduced gas inventory management, the microbulk gas delivery system provides more ways to help you grow your business day in and day out. Contact your local Praxair representative today or call us at 1-800 225-8247 to find out how Praxair’s microbulk on-site gas supply alternative can help keep the work flowing.
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