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Improve Aluminum Welding Performance and Travel Speeds with Stargon™ AL Gas Blend

May 15, 2020

Aluminum is a valued metal thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio and versatility. It is commonly used in marine, automotive, aerospace, railroads and shipping applications.

Compared to welding steel, aluminum is a unique type of metal that poses its own set of challenges. It is not necessarily more difficult to weld than other metals, but these unique challenges force certain methods and selection of material to be used when welding.

Managing aluminum welding involves a number of factors, including choosing the right filler metal and shielding gas blend. Praxair’s Stargon™ AL welding blend is an advanced shielding gas for welding aluminum. Versatile for use in both GMAW and GTAW processes, Stargon AL gas blend is a carefully prepared proprietary blend of argon with precisely controlled parts per million additions of active gases.

When compared to commonly used pure argon, Stargon AL blend provides better arc control, penetration and weld puddle placement, resulting in improved weld speeds and weld quality. 

Stargon AL Blend Performance with GMAW Welding   Praxair Stargon AL2 Blog Image

For GMAW welding specifically, Stargon AL provides a consistent, regular arc with reduced surface tension for better wetting, improved fusion and a smoother bead. Additionally, the Stargon AL welding gas blend provides greater penetration and enhanced stability when compared to that of pure argon.   These features, when combined with proper welding techniques, helps to improve weld quality and operator appeal.

  • Improved weld fusion and penetration
  • Better arc stability
  • Improved wetting
  • Reduced spatter
  • Smoother looking welds

Stargon AL Blend Performance with GTAW Welding

Versatile in its use, Stargon AL gas welding blend also impacts the GTAW welding processes. The improved arc stability, energy and performance provide gains in weld placement and bead appearance, the reduction of the cleaning zone, and improved weld fusion and penetration, as well as faster travel speeds.
  • Improved arc stability
  • Reduced cleaning zone
  • Improved weld fusion and penetration
  • Smoother welds
  • Improved wetting

In Conclusion

By increasing arc stability, arc energy and overall arc performance, Praxair’s Stargon AL welding blend for aluminum helps fabricators improve weldability, productivity and weld quality in GMAW and GTAW processes. To learn more about our Stargon AL gas blend and to discuss how it can best suit your applications, contact your local Praxair representative or call 800.225.8247.
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