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Automate Your Cutting Process, Improve Productivity

May 11, 2020

Entry-level, easily deployable CNC plate cutting systems for small and mid-sized fabricators

CNC Plate Cutting Machines give users the ability to cut patterns with repeatable precision and accelerate the production of repeatable parts. With CNC plasma cutting machines, businesses can increase their capabilities while offering their clients and consumers consistent finished products.  Known for precision, efficiency and versatility, Praxair’s series of ProStar ™ CNC automated cutting machines satisfy the growing demand for high-quality, technologically advanced equipment that can save users valuable labor time and increase productivity.

Praxair’s ProStar Lancer™ Series CNC plasma cutting systems are an affordable solution for the steel processing needs of light fabricators, job shops, HVAC and sign companies—as well as artists and hobbyists.  Its CNC controller is user-friendly and easy to operate, making Praxair’s ProStar Lancer™ Series cutting systems ideal for an educational facility training new fabricators.  

Features and Benefits

Praxair Prostar PRS4 and PRS8

Lancer PRS4 and Lancer PRS8 CNC cutting systems provide the ability to efficiently process carbon steel and stainless steel plate with effective cut dimensions of 4’ × 4’ or 4’ × 8’, respectively. Using existing templates or designing new designs from line drawings or sketches, a user can quickly get to work. The machines also feature full support for Hypertherm® and Thermal Dynamics® plasma systems, and FlashCut™ CNC controllers for fast cutting speeds, optimal nesting, exceptional cut quality and ease of use.

The Lancer PRS4 and Lancer PRS8 systems require minimal setup, and with a welded framework and aluminum beams, the system is easy to deploy and move as facility needs evolve.

Taking Production to Higher Speeds

Praxair’s CNC metal-cutting technology can help you improve your business’ productivity while improving product quality. Whatever your process or end product requires, we’ll work with you to understand your cutting needs and help you choose the most effective and economical cutting system for your operations. Take your production to the next level with the ProStar Lancer PRS4 and Lancer PRS 8 CNC cutting systems.
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