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Productivity Matters

It's Time to Clean the Air

Apr 27, 2020
For most individuals, a significant portion of their days is spent at the workplace. Because of this, a safe working environment is essential to the health of workers. A healthy work environment also greatly contributes to the productivity of employees in the workplace. One way of improving the safety of the workplace, especially for welders, is fume collection.
For a welding facility owner, devoting attention and resources to identifying and reducing welding fume exposure can be time-consuming and costly. Look no further; Praxair’s ProStar™ portable fume collectors provide an affordable, easily deployed solution that can help you protect your shop environment and your workers. Our ProStar Portable Fume Collector is built with the full-time welder in mind. Praxair’s new ProStar portable “lite” fume collector is a smaller, lower cost, entry-level machine for small manufacturers.  

Features and Benefits   portable fume lite

ProStar portable “lite” fume collector includes a high-quality, basic set of features for collecting fume and dust when welding aluminum, galvanized and carbon steels. A 1HP sealed bearing induction motor with a backward inclined blower wheel is rated at 100 percent duty cycle with a 50,000 hour life cycle. It produces 875 cfm of airflow at the end of the fume arm with 4 inches of static pressure. 
The fume arm is pre-assembled, enabling setup to be completed in under ten minutes. Two fume arm length options are available in either 7-foot or 10-foot lengths and are 6 inches in diameter. The ProStar portable “lite” fume collectors are constructed of 11- and 14-gauge carbon steel with a powder coated finish for durability, and a circuit breaker protects the motor and all circuitry.
These portable units feature two disposable filter options: the “80/20” MERV 11 filter has 226 square feet of fire-retardant media and the “Nano-Fiber” MERV 15 filter with 200 square feet of fire-retardant media. Keeping in line with the entry-level positioning, filter replacement costs for the portable “lite” fume collector are lowest of any comparable model.

You Can Trust Praxair

You can trust Praxair’s team of experts to assist you with understanding and planning for all fume collection requirements. We can provide solutions for most demanding challenges, and whether you have a full-time production line facility or a smaller fabrication shop, Praxair can help you find a welding fume collection system to meet your needs.  
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